dãram Events

dãram organizes different kinds of events at its outlet in Hyderabad. The main aim of these events is to increase and build awareness among customers about hand processes. The disconnect between the product and process among the consumers is one of the big impediments in appreciating handloom products and understanding its value. Promotion of hand processes in dãram is done through workshops across different age groups.

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dãram organizes exhibitions of other crafts groups working with hand processes in Hyderabad and Pune stores. These exhibitions help to showcase the artisan and strengthen relationship with the customer.

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dãram organizes workshops on its premises in Hyderabad and Pune for both children and adults. We conduct these workshops to increase awareness about hand processes among the people of both the cities. The workshops are conducted by artisans from across the country in hand processes like block printing, embroidery, doll making, painting in traditional techniques. The workshops are designed to understand the technique and increase appreciation among the customers for the craftsmanship of the traditional artisan. This in turn will make them value the product made from hand processes better.

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