About Dastkar Andhra

Dastkar Andhra is registered as an NGO under the Trust Act in the year 1995.  There is a strong board with eminent people from different walks of life, which governs the activities of the Trust. The core management team consisting of three members has the final responsibility for taking up new projects. 

To find out more about Dastkar Andhra, please visit  www.dastkarandhra.org

Our Objectives

Dastkar Andhra’s vision and mission is to sustain handloom weaving as a viable rural livelihood and strengthen handloom industry. The combination of the tasks and functions that we perform like interventions in design and technology which are strong field based functions combined with policy research and advocacy for the industry give us a unique strength combining practice and research.

We started our work directly with the weavers and expanded the scope of our work with the inclusion of co-operatives as our partners. The nature of decentralized production and issues in linking to mainstream distant markets, we believe can be effectively addressed through the institution of co-operatives. These institutions being member-based organizations have the capacity to represent the weaver. The State of Andhra Pradesh continues to have a strong co-operative presence in the handloom sector and we work to build and strengthen capacities in these institutions.

Contact us at:

Dastkar Andhra
A-12, Vikrampuri, 
Lane next to Pulla Reddy Sweets,
Karkhana, Secunderabad 500 009
Ph: +91 40 27721735, 27892905
e-mail: dastkarandhra@gmail.com