About DAMA

In 2001, the marketing activity was placed under a separate Trust, Dastkar Andhra Marketing Association (DAMA).  DAMA provides design and technical support to over 450 weavers through 20 primary handloom weavers co-operatives located across 7 districts of Andhra.  Working with committed production mandate, DAMA guarantees 365 days of work to these 450 weavers.

DAMA's Objectives

DAMA provides marketing support through the creation and promotion of innovative marketing strategies. We work in partnership with co-operative institutions, which are designed to be democratic, participative and equitable. Our interventions are in production (loom support through market orders in the initial stage), stockroom (aggregation of product) and marketing through different sales channels. DAMA works with 500 weavers in 20 villages across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 

DAMA’s marketing strategy targets the potential of the domestic market. The growing and increasingly wealthy middle class represents a large market segment and can easily support the production of the co-operative societies. DAMA also supplies a small part of the production to the niche marketing for the upper class / export segment in order to leverage visibility in the market place for DAMA products.

We closely engage with the weavers through handloom co-operatives. As part of the work in the market space we design strategies that link the producer to the market and help them understand the needs of consumers across different segments. 

Contact us at:

DAMA (Dastkar Andhra Marketing Association)
A-12, Vikrampuri,
Lane next to Pulla Reddy Sweets, 
Karkhana, Secunderabad 500 009
Ph: +91 40 27842969, 66311577
e-mail: dama.andhra@gmail.com